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Energy saving - caring for business and the environment

Reduce your electricity consumption by up to 30% with kilowattsave.

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There is a variety of reasons why energy needs to be saved

  • Saving money

    Reducing electricity consumption lowers utility bills for electricity.

  • Emission reduction

    Energy accounts for more than two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change and has a negative effect on human health. Energy optimization helps to reduce emissions.

  • Resource conservation

    Basically, electricity generation requires the use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. Energy optimization helps to save non-renewable world resources.

  • Load reduction on the power system

    Optimization of the load on the electrical system, helps to reduce the volume of energy production, which can lead to lower production costs and electricity price.

Optimization process

Energy optimization can take place in several stages

  • Consumption analysis

    With the help of an electricity measuring device, we analyze the current consumption in plant to identify possible sources of excess consumption.

  • Plan development

    After receiving electricity consumption data by sector for the full reporting month, we develop an action plan that includes analytical and technical optimization solutions.

  • Implementation

    Implementation in the enterprise process of agreed manual or automatic optimization suggestions.

  • Monitorings

    After the implementation of optimization solutions, we will monitor electricity consumption to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures taken and identify additional opportunities to save energy.

analytical features

Analytical solution

  • Detection of phase imbalance in the electrical panel

  • Check up of the equipment for the remaining efficiency

  • Detection of descents in power consumption based on schedule and load of the enterprise

  • Check up of the electrical network

Technical solution

  • Heating: detailed setting of the heating system

  • Ventilation: installation of CO2 sensor with automated lowering and increasing of power

  • Kill switch: customizable switcher that can turn off all devices and lights at once at the same time

  • Lighting: install the sensor responsible for lighting load in room

technical features

We provide monthly energy savings reports

Nowadays, the cost of electricity has shifted into a category of expenses that people are contemplating more carefully. However, the standard electricity bills only reflect basic charges

  • Consumption by device
  • Consumption by sector
  • Monthly by day and weekly consumption in currency and in kilowatt-hours
  • Hourly device schedule
  • Consumption of the device divided by night and day cycles
  • Calculation of energy savings
  • Savings proposal

Our Clients Reviews

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“We were thrilled with Kilowattsave's analysis of our ventilation system's electricity consumption. Their team was knowledgeable, professional, and thorough in developing a plan to save us money while maintaining optimal ventilation. The energy-efficient solution they provided was effective and has helped us reduce our costs.”
technical features
“Singh's restaurant had an excellent experience with Kilowattsave's audit of our electricity consumption. Their professional report helped us gain a better understanding of how we can operate as a more eco-friendly company. We highly recommend Kilowattsave for their energy efficiency expertise.”
technical features
“Nomad restaurant had a fantastic experience with Kilowattsave's analysis of our electricity consumption and optimization plan. Their attention to detail and understanding of our needs helped develop a tailored plan for us.”
technical features
“Kilowattsave saved us an impressive 23% on electricity consumption in the first stage. Their results speak for themselves. Le Mils cafe highly recommends Kilowattsave for their energy-saving solutions.”

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